Tan Hui Jin, the one of our many Brooks Ambassadors who has taken part in one of the six World Major Marathon - Tokyo Marathon 2016. Hui Jin has also participated in the longest distance ultra-marathon TITI 100KM. It all started from a taekwondo warm up session of running 10 rounds around the corridors which eventually build up her passion into running. It has been 10 years running has become a part of her, thus making her to inspire more people to take up running slowly but surely!


Rebecca Yap, is hoping to influence more people to run and find out the joy of running. Rebecca has participated and made a mark in major races such as the Camrun Half Marathon 2020, Score Full Marathon 2019 , Janda Baik Ultra Trail Marathon (50km) 2019, The Great Malaya Ultra Trail Marathon (50km) 2019 and Ultimate Direction Cross Country Ultra Trail Marathon (55km) 2019. As a Brooks Ambassador, Rebecca gets to understand more about the latest running gears in as well as the opportunity to connect with other runners to learn more on running techniques and experience.


Nor Amin has been running since 2012. His main goal was to lose weight and fell in love with running after realizing that he feels more healthy and encourages more of his friends to take up the sport as well. His goal is to be one of top Malaysian runners, while learning to be a coach in hope to motivate others and encourage others to take up running. He has participated in numerous prestigious events such as the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon, Penang Bridge Marathon, Larian Sultan Mahmud International Marathon and Powerman Malaysia.




Bryant Goh has been running since 2014.  Bryant has completed a few major marathons in Malaysia Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 in the 10KM University Category representing his campus. Being a Brooks Ambassador is an opportunity to try the latest Brooks gears with new technology and to meet other runners while exchanging running knowledge and experience along the way. Bryant’s goal is to represent Malaysia in international running marathons with the hope of putting his country’s name on the international arena.


Lim Ka Way started running in the mid of 2017. It was initially a way to release his work- related stress but it has became a hobby for him. His best achievement was in the Titi Ultra 2018 finishing in top 13. Ka Way has been a Brooks Ambassador since 2019. It was an opportunity for him to attend running classes and workshops to help enhance and improve his skills. He wishes to influence and inspire more people to get involved in running and by joining the Brooks Running Squad. He wishes with this, he will be able to motivate and share more running knowledge and skill  through this running club.


Siva has been a Brooks Ambassador for 5 years. Being a Brooks Ambassador enable him to achieve his dream of running. With the lack of sponsorship of a good running shoe, Siva was unable to unleash his greatness in running by smashing his personal best records. Running inspires him to be a better person physically, mentally and emotionally. He challenges himself to work harder, fitter and healthier so that he can achieve more personal best and pushing himself another level. Siva’s vision to to qualify for the SEA Games and being a podium winner by breaking his 10KM and 21KM category. He has participated in numerous prestigious running events such as the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015 (1st Placing for 10KM Category) & 2019 (2nd Placing for 21KM Category), Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2019 ( 3rd Placing for 21KM Category), SUKMA 2016 (4th Placing in 5000M)


Pavithra has been a Brooks Ambassador since 2020. Her inspiration of running is through his coach which is also her source of motivation to keep on running. Her future goal is to become a national runner and sets her foot in the international running arena. Pavithra has participated in several marathon such as the Seremban Half Marathon, KL International Run, KL New Year Run and Shah Alam Night Run. Pavithra is also a track and field runner in which she has participated in the KL Open 2018 in 1st Placing, SUKMA Perak 2018 in 1st Placing, SUKMA Sarawak 2016 in 2nd Placing , SUKSES 2017 at 1st Placing for 3000M steeplechase and 5000M respectively. On top of that, Pavithra is also actively running in road races such as the Seremban Half Marathon 2017 landing herself at 1st Placing in the 21KM Category. She was also the winner for KL International Run 2018 in the 10KM Category as well just to name a few. Pavithra is definitely one of our shinning star in the road to success!


Idham have completed a total of 10 full marathons throughout his running career with extraordinary performance of completing in sub 4 hours in 2 of his full marathon. Idham’s personal best for full Marathon was at 3 hours 57 mins in Penang Bridge International Marathon 2018 and his personal best for half marathon was at 1 hour 39 mins in the Twincity Marathon 2020. Idham has been a Brooks Ambassador for almost a year now and this gives him a boost of spirit and morale in running. What inspire Idham to keep on running is the passion to be able to join the 7 World Major Marathon. Apart from persuing his passion from running,  he anticipate to travel around the globe as well. Idham’s goal is to be able to run in sub 3 hour in a full marathon in hope that he will be able to encourage and motivate his peers to live a healthy work life balance. 


William Chung, is a runner with 5 years experience and has been running since 2015. He has participated in more than 50 races namely 10KM races, half marathon, marathon as well as ultramarathon. He was ranked 2nd place in the MyKidney Fun Run 2019, 5th place in 12 hrs Seri Iskandar Ultra 2018, 5th place in Bukit Cinta Ultra 2017, 7th place in Slim Village Jogathon Kebangsaan 2018 and 10th place in Tayaria Run 2017. William Chung aims to participate as a pacer in every in order to motivate runners to achieve their target timing to complete the run. He would also like to be a public figure and encourages  more people learn more about running.


Leonard Tai is a podium winner for Fraser Ultra 50KM 2018 and 2019, Dragonback Half Marathon 2019, 6 Hour Fit Ramadan Looping Ultra 2019 and Mitsui Outlet Park Fun Run. Leonard’s goal is to keep running and being happy while doing it. It is a positive lifestyle and cheap therapy. What inspires Leonard to keep on running is the will to quit smoking. From a heavy smoker, he has now become a non-smoker thanks to this ultimate healthy sport that has transform him to a better person.


Tan Wen Qian best running achievement is the completion of the ultramarathon women’s category in the Route 68 Race in 2018 with her number 9 placing. Her inspiration to run from the beauty of nature. Running usually starts early in the morning and she enjoys the sunrise and and cotton cloud at the blue sky view. Apart from meeting new friends running also enable her to expend her social networking in her running community.


Wong Li Hun started running in races in 2016. She have participated in 12 half marathons and 11 full marathons. Her first win was at the Larian Gegar University Malaya 2016 finishing at 2nd placing in the 10KM category. It is then she started training racing for long-distance races. She achieved his first sub-2-hour half marathon in the 2XU Compression Run 2018 and  sub-430-hour marathon in the Twincity Marathon 2019. She has been a Brooks Ambassador since January 2020 and being a Brooks Ambassador gets her the inside scoop of the brand and, most importantly, the opportunity to meet  new people supporting and motivating in their running journey. Run Happy has been a running mantra of her for years and she also hope to spread the #RunHappy spirit to more people and inspire them to get out there and run.


Wee Jyeh is a top 10 winner for 10km Women's Category for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon in 2016 and 2017 respectively. She is also Centennial Champion for AIA Malaysia in 2019. Running teaches her a lot of life lessons. For instance, not giving up easily. After all, running is a mindset game. Her aspiration is to inspire more people to start running as a habit. Run happy and run to become a better self.


Joshua started running in 2012.  His first competition was with the RHB Centennial Run 2013 and won 1st Place in Family Fun Run.After gaining confidence from the race, he began to fall in love with running. He represented Penang state in MSSM National Cross Country since primary school and won medals several placings in all coming years such as 2017 – MSSM Cross Country U12 – 8th Placing, 2019 – MSSM Cross Country U15 – 8th Placing and 2020 – MSSM Cross Country U15 – 4th Placing. He also participated in numerous running events, such as the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon Virtual Run 2020 – 5km U15 1st Placing and Penang Bridge International Marathon Virtual Run 2020 – 5km 1st Placing. Joshua is now training under Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang and focusing on Middle and Long Distance Event. He hopes to qualify for SUKMA and represent Malaysia in the near future to come.


Avinashwer, our newly appointed Brooks Ambassador, is a silver medalist in boys 800M MSSM 2019 and gold medalist in boys 800M, MSSM 2020. His highest achievement was winning the 4th placing in Men’s 800M Malaysian Close with his new personal best at 1:52:70. On top of that, we are at Brooks Malaysia is also proud to say that Avinashwer is also a gold medalist for boys 800M for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 MSS, Selangor.


As a Brooks Ambassador, Avinashwer aims to achieve more in running and competitions with the footwears and apparels sponsored by Brooks Malaysia. His grandfather’s wish was to see him winning a gold medal for Malaysia in future running competitions and make the nation proud in international podium!


Go Avinashwer!


Puspa, joined in our Brooks Ambassador program in May 2021. She is a Track & Field athlete competing for 5000M and 1500M respectively.  She have won numerous competition namely the ASEAN school games Singapore and Sea Youth Philippines in 5th placing for both competition. She has also won the MSSM Track &  Field with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze while winning 1st place in the 500M and 2nd place in 1500M in the MALAYSIA Open. In the SIPMA 2019 (Sukan Institusi Pendidikan Malaysia), Puspa has won 1st placing in the 3000M and 2nd placing in 1500M respectively.


Her future goals is to be able to run in the SEA Games. With this she is  challenging herself to work harder to be a fitter and healthier version to face the coming qualifying competitions.


We are all behind you Puspa! Go girl!


Padhmaloshini, our latest addition to Brooks Ambassador has proven to be one of our shinning star. Her biggest achievements was  in the MSSM 2019 where she has won 3 Gold medals in the 800M,1500M and 4x400M relay.  She has also broken her previous records in both individual race. Padhmaloshini won the Bronze medal in 1500M at SUKMA 2018, Perak and a silver medal in 1500M in ASEAN School Games 2019, Semarang, Indonesia.


Brooks footwear and apparels are her chosen running footwear and apparels mostly because it bring out comfort and style during her training or casual runs. Her inspiration comes from confidence and motivation by her family, coach as well as her friends in giving her the strength and support throughout her journey.


Padhmaloshini goals is to become a SEA Games winner and achieve her Personal Best during the game.


We believe in you girl! Make us proud.