Go Beyond The Gear

Glycerin GTS 19

Super soft cushion meets unstoppable support. With DNA LOFT and built-in GuideRails® support, this shoe delivers the ultimate in comfort for your run. Glycerin GTS is the new Transcend.

Glycerin 19

Step into your softest run ever. With plenty of super soft DNA LOFT cushioning underfoot, the Glycerin 19 delivers premium comfort mile after mile.

Ghost 13

Soft. Super smooth. Always up for a run. The new Ghost 13 men's road-running shoe offers even smoother transitions so you can focus on what matters most: your run.




Stride Signature is Brooks' philosophy that drives how we develop and fit running. It allows you to find your perfect match by understanding two things about you: your biomechancis - or how your body wants to run - and the run experience you crave - or how you want to run.